Square Enix announces Kim Swift’s new game; Quantum Conundrum, coming in early 2012

Puzzle fans, get ready for a really interesting game that come’s from the co-creator of Portal, Kim Swift. Kim Swift’s latest game is called Quantum Conundrum and will be a puzzle adventure game in which players will play as a kid left alone in their uncle’s house/giant laboratory. Moreover, Square Enix – who will publish the game – announced that it will be launched on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in early 2012.
The game is developed by Airtight Games and according to its press release, players will be able to switch between various different “dimensions” to alter a room’s physics and help. For example, a “fluffy” dimension can make the objects lighter, thus allowing you to move them around. Oh, and as always, there will be “slow motion” dimension.
It sounds really cool and interesting and here is a video – courtesy of Gamespot – that contains some gameplay footage. Enjoy everyone!
Quantum Conundrum With Kim Swift Gameplay Demo (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)