Speed Elixir Is a New Open-World Racing Game – First Screenshots & Reveal Trailer

Electro Phantom Games today unveiled its new racing game, called Speed Elixir. Speed Elixir will be an open-world racing game that aims to deliver an unlimited driving experience. Below you can find the game’s first screenshots and reveal trailer.

Speed Elixir promises to feature a vast open world map to explore, high quality visuals (the game will feature HDR Lighting,Physical Based Rendering, Day and Night cycle, as well as Dynamic Weather), engaging gameplay with 18 modes and seamless multiplayer support.

Kudos to our reader “OnnA” for bringing this to our attention.


Speed Elixir featureMcLarenP1_Back-1920x1080McLarenP1_Left-1920x1080

Speed Elixir Official Reveal Trailer - 2016