Bioware Secretly Unveiled Its New IP at GDC 2016

It appears that BioWare has secretly unveiled its new IP at this year’s GDC event. Alistair McNally, BioWare’s Senior Director of Creative Development, tweeted that he was wearing a T-Shirt at GDC that had their new IP on it. Unfortunately, it seems noone was able to capture a photo of that T-Shirt, therefore it remains a mystery what this new IP could actually be.

From what we know so far, this new IP is being developed by BioWare’s Edmonton studio.

According to BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn, this new IP will give the team the chance to have a “clean sheet of design to start at the most fundamental set of principles you can have.”

This new IP aims to feature a contemporary story, and a world that is as big and as imaginative as anything BioWare has ever done before.