Special Morrowind Treatment – OpenMW 0.20 Released – Morrowind Rebirth 2.02 Released

Okay Morrowind fans, we’ve got amazing news for you today. The teams behind OpenMW and Morrowind Rebirth have released some new versions for their projects. In case you’re unaware of, OpenMW is an attempt to re-implement the popular role playing game Morrowind and aims to be a fully playable, open source implementation of the game. Morrowind Rebirth, on the other hand, is a huge overhaul that adds new enemies, weapons, armors and locations.
Those interested can download the latest version of OpenMW from here and the latest patch of Morrowind Rebirth from here (be advised that you’ll need the Morrowind Rebirth 2.0 package for this patch to work).
And here are the changelogs for these two projects. We should note that they are not compatible, so you’ll either have to choose one or experiment with both of them, as they aim at completely different things.
OpenMW 0.20 Changelog:
•Implemented all missing dialoque filters
•Implemented Mercantile skill
•Implemented Persuasion dialogue
•Initial implemetation of AI package classes
•Implemented 2nd layer for Global map
•Player race now changes visually during character creation
•Fixed Cell reloading when using teleport doors that link to the same cell
•Animations now stop when the game is paused
•Fixed “0 a.m.” to display as “12 a.m.”
•Fixed text persisting in the “name” field of the potion/spell creation window
•Fixed starting date of new games
•Fixed console window close behavior
•Fixed container window formatting to better accomodate long item names
•Fixed some topics not automaticaly being added to the known topic list
•Fixed automove working despite DisablePlayerControls being set
•Fixed rest dialogue opening again after resting
•Fixed double removal of ingredients when creating potions
•Various engine code and scripting improvements
OpenMW 0.20 Release Commentary

Morrowind Rebirth 2.02 Changelog:
* Sorkvild the Raven will now actually wear the Masque of Clavicus Vile in battle. He’s also stronger and will cast poison/summon spells only. Made much more sense since he’s a necromancer.
* Dremoras and Golden Saints will now carry weapons, just like in vanilla. I somehow removed these in a previous version.
* There was a building in Caldera with a sign that said “Drenum’s House” on the side of it, which is incorrect.
* Royal Guards in Mournhold will now carry one out of 3 shields, instead of one (see pic).
* A script placeholder were too close to the ground in Ald-Rhun.
* New traders have set up “shops” in Ebonheart, exclusive wares!
* Ajiranji in Caldera carried 2 Thieves Guild Cuirasses.
* The Wooden Crossbow had an underscore in its name.
* Fixed a few seams and floaters in Balmora.
* Added a new weapon, the Silver Battle Axe.
* “Thieves Guild Hood” was misspelled.
* Lots of landscape improvemets.
Vanilla Fixes
* The “Chiding Cuirass” held no charge, so it was impossible to use the enchantment.
Creature changes
* Dremoras/Dremora Lords will now be more powerful, having more health and causing more damage. This also applies to the Dremora Lords added by Rebirth.
* Deadra Seducers had 2 spells that would paralyze the player, which seemed a bit overkill. Also raised their health a bit.
* Centurion Spiders will no longer cast “Poisonbloom. I’ve replaced this by a weaker spell, “Poison”.
* Ash Scorpions will now cast “Potent Poison”. Scorpions should be poisonous, right?