Space Company Simulator is coming to Steam Early Access on October 24th

Publisher All in! Games revealed that Space Company Simulator will become available in Early Access on Steam on October 24th. In order to celebrate this announcement, the publisher has also released a new trailer that you can find below.

Space Company Simulator is a realistic space tycoon management sim set in the present. In this game, players will pioneer new technologies to build and launch rockets.

Moreover, players will take on the challenges of the space transport industry. Among other things, they will also manage their company effectively to win the technological and financial race to the top.

Players will be able to launch rockets, satellites, spaceships, and orbital stations while becoming a new major player in the space industry.

The team plans to stay in Early Access for 10-12 months. Its Early Access build already has its core features implemented. Those include such mechanics as:

  • PR, HR, Science, Production, and Finance departments – developing them effectively is an essential part of the game
  • Contracts (quests) – players take them on and complete the tasks listed in them to progress in the game
  • Prestige, Money, Department Points – these values show how successful and developed your company is
  • Building rockets – this feature lets players design, build and test rockets. There are various components that players can use to create a spacecraft
  • Loans and Conferences – these features have long-term effects on the company. It is up to players to effectively use the two for the company’s success
  • Motto – each motto comes with unique starting bonuses, that make each gameplay a new experience


Space Company Simulator | Early Access | Official Gameplay Trailer 2019 | (PC)