Sounds of Skyrim – ‘The Wilds’ Is Out Now

A few weeks ago we informed you about an amazing mod for Skyrim that is about to overhaul the game’s sound. Created by Cliffworms, Sounds of Skyrim is a sound-addition project that will add around 460+ sound effects to the game world once every module will be released. It affects almost every cell and region in the game. Cliffworms had previously released the ‘Dungeons’ part and we are happy to report that the ‘Wilds’ part is now available for download.
The Wilds focuses on adding sound effects in Skyrim’s wilderness. With the 94 new sound effects, the purpose of The Wilds is to audibly enlarge Skyrim’s fauna with the addition of various animals, birds and insects that play according to weather, time of day and region. In the forests, for example, you’ll hear the sounds of foxes, deers and ravens. At night, you’ll hear wolves howling from far away or common loons calling others. In The Reach, you might hear the occasional mountain goat or hawk.
In addition to animals, The Wilds also adds rain-impact sounds on tents and wooden structures, sounds of rustling bushes to simulate the movements of small mammals that scatter away as you approach and sounds of calm water waves hitting wood on tree logs or structures that are partially submerged in water.
This is must-have mod, so go ahead and download it.
Sounds of Skyrim Project - The Wilds