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Sonic Mania uses the Denuvo anti-tamper tech, does not currently support offline mode [UPDATE]

In August 11th, SEGA claimed that the PC version of Sonic Mania was delayed by two weeks in order to further polish it. However, it appears that things did not turn out too well for our beloved blue hedgehog.

Sonic Mania uses the Denuvo anti-tamper tech on the PC, something that was not listed on the game’s Steam store page. As such, a number of PC gamers are really frustrated by this, believing that the reason the PC version was delayed was to simply add this controversial DRM system.

Not only that, but the game does not currently support any offline mode. In order to play Sonic Mania, PC gamers will have to stay always online. SEGA commented on this and claimed that this was a bug, and that they are currently looking into it.

It’s worth nothing that the Sonic Team was not responsible for the inclusion of this anti-tamper tech to the PC version of Sonic Mania. This was done by the publishing part of SEGA, and it will be interesting to see whether Denuvo will be removed once and if the game gets cracked.


SEGA has released the first PC hotfix for Sonic Mania that enables offline mode. This hotfix does not address any additional issues, and does not bring any further changes, tweaks, fixes or improvements. It simply enables the game’s offline mode.