Sonic 2 HD Alpha – Keylogger found despite developers claims for false positive warning

Okay, we really need the feel to inform everyone about it. Back in March, we informed you about the alpha version of the HD Project for Sonic 2. Although some anti-virus programs reported that there was a virus with this indie game, the team suggested that it was a false positive and that there was no virus with this release. However, it seems that a keylogger was present and the team advised today to everyone to remove the software.
According to the developers, they have found no evidence that the software has been “phoning home” any data—only that they have found the capability exists.
As the team revealed:
“Earlier today, I was contacted by a professional antivirus employee who was interested in why Sonic 2 HD consistently popped up as a threat by multiple antivirus software programs and did some investigation. His results showed that a keylogger is part of the Sonic 2 HD software. After receiving this notification, we conducted our own independent tests and found that there is indeed a keylogging program as part of the Sonic 2 HD alpha software.”
In order to remove the software, you will have to delete the files included with the Sonic 2 HD zip, as well as the registry keys hooked at HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/NakaSMK (if you are unfamiliar on how to do this, go to Start->Run.., type regedit, follow the folder path, and then delete the NakaSMK folder.)
This sucks, we know and we feel you. It’s also sad that the developers didn’t bother with figuring out that there was a problem with their release all this time, especially when they have been informed about the positive report from various anti-virus programs.