classic Unreal intro screenshot

Someone is remaking the cancelled Playstation port of Unreal, demo available for download

Man, I really love this kind of projects. Modder ‘Leo(T.C.K.)’ is currently working on a rework/remake of the Playstation port of Unreal that was being developed by Pterodactyl Software. This Playstation port had exclusive content and the about 75% of the content has been recovered.

The modder aims to complete/finish the content, re-texture the maps, make them 100% co-op playable, fix scripts, and fill up the missing holes.

This project is called Unreal PSX Rework – Rise Of Jrath and Leo(T.C.K.) has released a demo that you can go ahead and download right now from here.

The demo features The Horror Deck prequel story and works with Unreal 225(4), 226, OldUnreal 227 versions and Unreal Tournament. Do also note that the intro/outro map music works only in OpenAL.

Have fun!