Solarix to Be Released on April 30th

Kiss Ltd and PulseTense Games confirmed today that the launch date for Solarix has been set for April 30th. In order to celebrate it, the teams have also released a new trailer for Solarix that can be viewed below.

Solarix is a stealth-based psychological horror adventure game set in the far reaches of space and the planet of Ancyra.

You play the role of Walter, an electrical engineer who wakes up one day to find everything and everyone he ever knew, has been destroyed by a deadly virus. With only a rogue AI to help him navigate the harsh world of Ancyra and the after effects of the virus, his only option is escape.

The gameplay is based around light and sound – stealth and cunning is key to Walter’s survival.

Moreover, ammunition is very limited, meaning that players will have to use it wisely and not always against the enemy.

You can read our First Impressions of Solarix here.


Solarix - The Betty Trailer