Solarix Is Now Available

KISS Ltd announced today that its indie stealth FPS title, Solarix, is now available on Steam. Developed and self-funded by PulseTense Games and a team of just 7, Solarix is described as an amazing example of just what the indie dev community can deliver to gamers.

Solarix is a stealth-based psychological horror adventure game set in the far reaches of space and the planet of Ancyra.

The game offers 10 hours of gameplay in which you play the role of Walter, an electrical engineer who wakes up one day to find everything and everyone he ever knew, has been destroyed by a deadly virus.

The gameplay is based around light and sound – stealth and cunning is key to Walter’s survival, and ammunition is very limited so players will have to use it wisely and not always against the enemy.

Here are the game’s key features:

· 12 chapters with an engrossing story line and numerous unique characters, that provide psychological depth to the players experience of survival horror.
· A variety of weapons and hacking tools, allowing the player to develop different strategies to overcome obstacles, allow for both sneaking & combat gameplay, puzzle solving & environmental interaction.
· Advanced stealth A.I with varying voice sets & detection abilities.
· Unique puzzles requiring exploration and information gathering in classic adventure gaming style.
· Wide variety of environments – travel from cramped corridors to vast exotic forests. From giant space stations to ominous underground facilities.
· Professional voice acting providing depth to characters.
· Chilling atmosphere and sound design enhancing the richness of the world and the story.


Solarix - AMI v EYE