Sol Contingency – Descent Remake In UDK – Gets A Teaser Trailer

Descent fans, this is for you. A team of passionate people is currently working on a remake/reimagining of Interplay’s classic action game, Descent. This remake will be taking advantage of UDK, an engine that the team believes enables them to create an engaging scenery that will immerse you in the world of Descent like never before.
Sol Contingency will feature high-resolution models of robots and ships from the original game, beautiful particle effects for weapon fire and detailed texturing of the mines.
The gameplay of Sol Contingency is very close to Descent. Fight menacing robots in zero gravity using all three axes of the 3D space, speed down claustrophobia-inducing tunnels and mine shafts, fire powerful energy-based weapons and missiles, charge up your shields to survive the continuous onslaught, and finally blow up the fusion reactor of the mine after clearing it out.
The game will arrive in an episodic format, and we can expect the first episode to arrive sometime this year.
The team has also released a teaser trailer for it that can be viewed below.
Sol Contingency [Descent to UDK] - Teaser Trailer