Slender: The Arrival Gets Some New Gameplay Footage

Slender The Arrival
YouTube’s ‘Spenser Wilson’ has uploaded a new video, showcasing the new Slenderman game that is currently under development, Slender: The Arrival. The game is being developed by Blue Isle Studios, is powered by the Unity EngineĀ and is currently in beta phase. Naturally, players will have to collect all eight pages while at the same time avoid getting caught by the Slenderman. It looks cool, immersive and scary, though it may get repetitive too quickly. Let’s hope that Blue Isle Studios will be able to offer a nice variation between the levels, especially since this won’t be a freeware title like its predecessor. Slender: The Arrival is also said to feature a storyline, so it will be interesting to see what the devs have been up to all this time. Enjoy!
Slender: The Arrival BETA Gameplay