Skyrim VR Visual Noise Reduction is a must-have mod that increases immersion and fixes graphical issues

Modder ‘Seldwin’ has shared a must-have mod for Skyrim VR. This mod, called Skyrim VR Visual Noise Reduction, increases immersion by eliminating many sources of Zfighting, terrain flickering, mountain flickering, water flickering, and a strange triangle creep phenomena.

The vanilla version of Skyrim VR suffers from some really annoying graphical issues that Bethesda has not resolved (obviously because these fixes would increase the game’s PC requirements). As such, Seldwin took it to himself to fix these issues by using a higher poly count terrain mesh to reduce Water Vs. Terrain Zfighting and by reducing the number of faroff mountain LOD meshes drawn in the game to reduce the amount of triangle creep at 40000+ units.

As the modder said:

“Using this mod, mountain objects at the triangle creep range (roughly 40000+ units) and beyond will no longer be drawn. This eliminates 90% of the triangle creep you will notice in the game. The result is mostly bald mountains at a very far distance with landmarks/towers/buildings etc remaining intact. There will be complete detail out to 40000 units. A side effect of all this is that many landmarks are much easier to see with high fblockmaximumdistance values because there aren’t (literally) 1,000s of mountain objects in the way. The tradeoff here is triangle creep vs mountain object popin at 40000+ or ~250 yards. The reduction in visual noise when looking and walking about is well worth the tradeoff for myself. The creep just tears me away from the game. I had to find a work around.”

Those interested can download the mod from here. All you have to do in order to install it is drop the textures and meshes folders into the Steam\steamapps\common\SkyrimVR\Data folder, and use the recommended settings for your ini files.

Recommended Settings:



In order to showcase the visual differences, Seldwin released the following video!

Skyrim VR Visual Noise Reduction Mod