Skyrim Realistic Colors and Real Nights 1.6 Released

Modder aLaaa has released the 1.6 version of his amazing ‘Realistic Colors and Real Nights’ mod for Skyrim. The new Hybrid Shaders system mixes perfectly the RCRN Dynamic shaders with a reworked version of the original ingame shaders, this makes the daylight look beautiful, no more “dark” sunny days, no more “dark” faces, no more high contrast during clear weather. This system also grants an improved management of the weather, all days are different, enjoy the realistic dynamic lighting during cloudy and clear days!
The new version features a new FXAA calculation developed to work also with the standard FXAA included in Skyrim. Moreover, RCRN features adaptive HDR which guarantees warmer colors during certain hours, like sunset and dawn and even a brighter daytime. DoublePass HDR is also a new feature that comes with this mod and renders the HDR one more time before the final result. This way grants better reflections and a brighter days, everything without ruining the color balance like a too powerful single HDR does!
Those interested can download it from here.