Skyrim Mod ‘Falskaar’ Released, Adds 20+ Hours Of New Gameplay

Skyrim v7
Modder ‘AlexanderJVelicky’ has released an interesting mod for Skyrim. According to its description, Falskaar is a new lands mod that adds an entirely new worldspace to the world. It’s accessed by a dungeon the first time, then by boat from then on out. Falskaar’s goal was to act as a DLC, adding content in almost every area. There is a new land, places, people, quests, dungeons and more for the player to experience. It adds roughly 20+ hours of content, and favors all types of characters.
Skyrim Falskaar key features are:
– An entirely new land independant of Tamriel, roughly the size of 2-3 Skyrim holds.
– 20-30+ hours of gameplay.
– 26 quests, including a 9 quest long main story, and 17 side quests! (Along with some unmarked content)
– New items including new books, recipes, weapons and armor sets. (A mix of brand new, and retextured)
– Two new spells and a new shout.
– A bard with several unique new songs.
– A soundtrack containing 14 brand new tracks composed by Adamm Khuevrr just for Falskaar, adding more than 40 minutes of new music!
– A fully voiced experience, featuring almost 30 semi-professional and professional voice actors and actresses.
In order to run it, you will need the latest version of Skyrim and nothing more.
Those interested can download it from here.
Enjoy a video demonstration of this mod from YouTube’s member ‘insane0hflex’.
Skyrim Mod Feature: Falskaar