“Skyrim Meets Bioshock: Infinite” & “Borderlands 2 Meets Dishonored” Bundles Announced

Bethesda, 2K Games and Gearbox revealed today some interesting bundles. The big publishers will release two new bundles next month. One of the bundles will include Dishonored and Borderlands 2, while the other one will feature Skyrim and Bioshock: Infinite.

What’s great here is that the bundles will be coming at at a really low price ($29,99); a price that will be ideal for all those who have not purchased them as of yet.

According to Bethesda and 2K Games, these bundles will release on February 11th.

Do note that these bundles will only feature the original/main games and not their DLCs. We want to make it crystal clear; those bundles will not feature any DLC at all.

All in all, it’s a great deal, so kudos to the publishers for bringing us something like that!