Skyrim Kinect: Fus Ro Dah – New Video Of This Amazing Kinect Project

Skyrim Kinect: Fus Ro Dah, is the latest edition to the ‘PC Games Kinected’ lineup, which allows for full character control using both gestures and voice. Like the original Skyrim Kinect, you can use your arms to swing swords, cast spells, use your bow, or block with shieds. Movement, like walking/running and sneaking, is still handled with body movements and has seen an increase in precision.  As a result, gameplay using the Bow now is very enjoyable.
Voice Commands have also been greatly improved. In Skyrim Kinect: Fus Ro Dah, you can use your voice to select up to 11 spells, to drink mana/health potions, to equip your sword/shield/bow, and to equip 2 different armor sets.
Voice Commands also allow you to say your favorite shouts (10 currently), by simply saying the dragon shout words of power.  Not only can you say “Fus Ro Dah”, you can also simply say “fus”, or “fus roh”.  The majority of the shouts, which have multiple shout levels, use this approach.
Skyrim Kinect: Fus Ro Dah