Skyrim HD Enhanced Terrain Mod Improves Distant LOD Textures & Overall Image Quality

Now let’s be honest; one of the biggest issues of the Gamebryo engine is its distant blurry textures. You see, due to how this engine works, distant textures look blurry as hell. This was also one of our main issues with Oblivion, though modder QARL released – back then – an amazing texture pack for those distant textures. And since few people have addressed this issue in Skyrim, here comes modder Hritik Vaishnav with his HD Enhanced Terrain mod.
According to Hritik, this mod gives a more detailed “grass-like” effect to terrain at long-distance (hence the increased noise) and contains higher-resolution detail. Now you may remember OcticShooter’s attempt at improving those distant textures, right? Well this mod has doubled the texture size of those that were used by OpticShooter, and are at 2048×2048 pixels.
Those interested can download this mod from here (there are two versions; one with more detail and less Twinkling effect and another with less noise). We should also note that there is no additional performance hit with this mod.
You can find below two videos that showcase the difference between vanilla and the two versions of this mod.
Skyrim Mod Spotlight: HD Enhanced Distant Terrain

TES V - Skyrim: Ehnanced Distance Terrain 2, Detailed Rugs