Skyrim fans, here is another CPU performace boost tool that does not require SKSE

We know that a lot of PC gamers were facing some issues with SKSE and couldn’t enable Arisu’s CPU optimization tool. Well, luckily for those gamers, modder Alexander Blade released SkyBoost. SkyBoost is a CPU performance mod that is based on Arisu’s tool but does not require SKSE to run. This means that PC gamers will only have to download this mod, install like most other mods and play the game.
Those interested can download it from here. More details and info can be found at Bethesda’s forum. As with Arisu’s tool, gamers are reporting a 30-40% performance boost. So go ahead guys and use it, we highly recommend it.
Enjoy better performance in Skyrim and let’s hope that Bethesda will fix it – or optimize its game a bit more – in a future patch.