Skyrim Enhanced Landscapes Mod aims to improve landscapes by adding thousands of objects

Modder ‘AceeQ’ has released a brand new mod for Skyrim Special Edition that aims to significantly improve its landscapes. Titled Enhanced Landscapes, this mod will improve Skyrim’s landscape by adding thousands of objects.

The new objects that have been added are floral objects, rocks, ruin clutter and a lot of other landscape assets. This mod also aims to improve the distant appearance of mountains, cliffs and other rock formations.

Here are the key features of the Enhanced Landscapes mod for Skyrim Special Edition.

Mountains Enhanced
One of Enhanced Landscapes main features is the enhancement/improvement of Skyrims mountains with more objects and a better distant appearance. I’ve added thousands of rock/mountain objects all around Skyrim to completely overhaul the vanilla mountain appearance, the result is stunning, the mountains of Skyrim never have looked better.

Throat of the World
The Throat of the World was overhaul by adding more mountain/rock objects and removing most of the trees. This makes the Throat of the World look like a real mountain.

Improved Forests
The (vanilla) forests of Skyrim aren’t really what you would call forests. Enhanced Landscapes adds hundreds of trees all over Skyrim, increases existing ones in size and makes forests feel much more dense/lush and realistic.

Volcanic Tundra Revamped
I made a lot of changes to this region. Enhanced Landscapes overhauls the rock formations, added hundred of landscape objects – existing and new ones like ferns, mushrooms, trees, small rocks, ruin clutter and much more.

Better City Outskirts

Better looking city outskirts. Enhanced Landscapes overhauls the outside areas of Markarth, Windhelm, Riften, Whiterun and Solitude. These are just small landscape changes, but they’ll make the outskirts look a lot better.

Landscape Enhancements

Main part of Enhanced Landscpaes are thousands of changes all over Skyrim. New added floral objects, ruin clutter or just small improvements of different locations. This mod adds hundreds of objects and changes a lot of existing ones. The list is far too long to enumerate every little change, but you’ll absolutely see the difference when wandering around Skyrim. I’ve added water lilies to a lot of rivers and lakes, overhauled the roads with many different objects and also made general enhancements to small farms, ruins and many other places throughout Skyrim.

Those interested can download the mod from here. Do note that the Enhanced Landscapes mod requires  DynDOLOD for Skyrim SE to generate proper Distant- and TreeLODs. Here are some tutorials that explain how to generate the new LOD.

How to generate 3D Tree LODs for Enhanced Landscapes & Enhanced Vanilla Trees
How to generate 2D Tree LODs for Vanilla & Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Last but not least, and while the modder did not provide any before/after comparison screenshots, he did share some screenshots showcasing his mod that you can find below.