ShootMania Editor Preview – Off-Screen Footage

As promised, Nadeo revealed their upcoming FPS “community” game that is based on the same engine and development model of TrackMania 2. The editor seems to be easy, although I don’t really know how many PC gamers and mappers will invest on it when both Unreal Engine 3 and CryEngine 3 provide the tools – for free- to those interested in creating maps and entire games. It definitely looks promising and its success will basically depend on how TrackMania’s community will respond to it.
The game’s main weapon will be a rocket laucher, which is highly unusual in games in the FPS-genre. When coming to guns in general, the game doesn’t have many, as Florent, the game’s project leader, made it this way to prevent long decisions between what gun to use.
ShootMania is currently slated for a Q1 2012 release on the PC. Enjoy the following footage!