Shelter 2 – Lynx Adventure Title – Announced, Gets Teaser Trailer

Might and Delight announced today the sequel to the meditative badger adventure that was released on the PC in 2013, Shelter. According to the team, the game follows the life cycle of a mother lynx, starting as a pregnant animal preparing her den for the coming litter, giving birth, and continuing in to a journey of parenthood where nurturing her cubs is paramount for survival.

“Shelter 2 includes more elaborate gameplay features than its predecessor, such as stamina, different types of movements, jumps and a variety of prey to kill. Besides hunting there are several maternal features such as calling the cubs closer, making sure they drink water from rivers and lifting and carrying your cubs from harm’s way.”

Shelter 2 aims to create a certain abstract mood via the unique imagery and sounds. In addition, the game’s environments will be much bigger, thus allowing a lot more freedom than ever before.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more!

Shelter 2 - Teaser Trailer