Shadowrun Returns Is Now DRM-Free For Everyone, Incoming Release

Shadowrun Returns

A couple of months ago, we bashed Harebrained Schemes for not staying true to its claims of offering a DRM-free Shadowrun Returns, something that was stated by its Kickstarter campaign. Thankfully, the company has just announced that after negotiating with its partners at Microsoft,it is able to release fully DRM-free versions of Shadowrun Returns and future expansions such as Berlin.

“The DRM-free versions of SRR and Berlin will continue to be fully supported. You’ll be able to download all game patches, use the¬†Shadowrun Returns¬†editor and experience user-generated content downloaded from third-party sites such as Nexus.”

Harebrained Schemes also claimed that it is starting work to get Shadowrun Returns available on, though there is no ETA as of yet.

Kudos to the team for accomplishing something like that.

Those interested can purchase Shadowrun Returns from Steam.