Serious Sam 4 is, obviously, not coming out in 2017

Back in February, we informed you about a potential release of Serious Sam 4. According to an easter egg in Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, the fourth part in the Serious Sam series was meant to come out this December. However, and since there hasn’t been any news on it, we can safely say that the game won’t release this year.

Croteam tweeted our story back then, something that fueled us with hope. However, it’s mid-November now and we haven’t heard or seen anything from it. Hell, we haven’t even received any teaser this whole year.

Now there is a possibility that Serious Sam 4 may get revealed in December. After all, the annual “The Video Games Awards” event takes place next month. As such, it’s not out of the question to expect a little bit of kamikaze love.

From what we know so far, Croteam’s core team remains hard at work on Serious Sam 4. While nothing is certain yet, we expect Serious Sam 4 to use the Vulkan API. After all, all the previous Serious Sam games have dropped DX9 in favour of the Vulkan API.

Croteam has just released Serious Sam 3 VR, and has updated all its previous Serious Sam games. As such, the team should be ready now to put all of its resources to the development of Serious Sam 4. Hopefully. Unless the game is under development hell!