SEGA: Aliens: Colonial Marines SP was not outsourced to TimeGate Studios

Aliens Colonial Marines
Playnews – an¬†independent news agency that focuses on the games industry – has informed us about an interesting statement from SEGA’s senior producer, Matthew J. Powers. According to the news, Aliens: Colonial Marines primary development has not been outsourced to TimeGate and Gearbox Software was not responsible just for the game’s multiplayer, Sega of America’s Senior Producer Matthew J. Powers confirmed to Playnews on Tuesday.
As Powers told Playnews during the Italian Aliens: Colonial Marines’ launch event:
“Absolutely not, the game has been developed by Gearbox Software. Other studios [like Timegate] helped Gearbox on the production of single and multiplayer.”
Powers debunked the rumor spread by a forum post made by an alleged former Gearbox member on Texags back in May, stating that the game’s primary development was apparently outsourced to Section 8’s team TimeGate Studios.
So there you have it everyone, straight from the horse’s mouth. The SP mode was made by Gearbox and the other studios helped the team behind the Borderlands series to complete it. Of course we don’t know how much those studios contributed to it, but fact is that Gearbox is responsible for the SP mode too (and not for only the MP mode).