S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 New Details – New Engine, FOV, Higher PC Requirements

Remember that interview in which Sergey Grigorovich stated that GSC GameWorld was considering implementing the intrusive ‘always-online’ DRM? Well, that wasn’t the only major detail that was revealed. Grigorovich has also revealed more information about the game’s new engine, its FOV, the system requirements and the possibility of the game coming to current generation consoles. Oh, and the game is still planned for a 2012 release.
According to Grigorovich, Strelok will be on the game and the system requirements will be higher this time around as the team focuses on STALKER 2’s graphics. The team doesn’t aim for a Hollywood experience so no, this won’t be another COD clone game. The focus is on authenticity and although the game will look different, it will still be realistic as their main focus is to create a good post-soviet atmosphere. Furthermore, the team is not that excited about special effects like motion blur. Grigorovich said that stuff like that – plus a narrow FOV – could affect a cerebellum negatively so they will decide what effects will stay at the polishing phase.
Regarding the console versions, there is high chance that an X360 version of STALKER 2 will be released but a PS3 version is unlikely, even though they have it up and running. According to Grigorovich, it will depend on what state it will be in at the moment of release.
The game that will power STALKER 2 was in the making for a year. The team decided to build their own engine to render post-soviet stuff in a proper fashion because it would take them over a year to learn a licensed engine. Moreover, the engine won’t be licensed, it will be free. One of the main reason for that decision was the fact that there are bigger companies that license their engine, so they see no use in competing with them.
Last but not least, GSC GameWorld will start releasing media – for STALKER 2 – in 6 months before the release.