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RyujiNX, emulator for Nintendo Switch, already boots some commercial games

Back in January, we informed you about a Nintendo Switch experimental emulator from the team behind CEMU (Nintento WiiU emulator) and Citra (Nintendo 3DS emulator), called yuzu. However, it appears that there is a new kid in town. RyujiNX is another Nintendo Switch emulator that can already boot some commercial games.

According to its description, RyujiNX is a Nintendo Switch Emulator programmed in C#, aiming to offer good performance, a friendly interface, and consistent builds. Do note that while the emulator can boot some games, it cannot play them. Both Cave Story and Puyo Puyo Tetris that are showcased below are unplayable and really laggy.

Obviously you should not expect triple-A Nintendo Switch games to be playable anytime soon, however it’s pretty cool that an emulator can already boot some games.

Those interested can download the emulator from here, though the team notes that the emulator has no stable builds as of right now.