Ryse – New Videos Show 30 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage From PC Version, VRAM Requirements Detailed

PC Master Race Argentina‘s Sebastian has informed us about two videos from the PC preview build of Ryse: Son of Rome, showing 30 minutes of gameplay footage. The first is from the first level (The Beginning), while the second is from the ‘The King.’

In addition, Crytek’s Online Marketing Manager, Com_Raven, detailed the game’s VRAM requirements. According to Com_Raven, PC gamers will need GPUs with 3GB of VRAM for Very High textures at 1080p. Those with 2GB of VRAM will be able to enable High textures (which should be similar to those found in the Xbox One version).

As Com_Raven wrote at NeoGAF:

“This is the breakdown:

1.0 GB VRAM : Low
1.5 GB VRAM : Medium
2.0 GB VRAM : High
3.0 GB VRAM : Very High”

Ryse: Son of Rome releases on October 10th, and hopefully our tech interview with Crytek will go live prior to its release.


Glorious Gameplay - Ryse: Son Of Rome [Preview Build - The King Part I]

Glorious Gameplay - Ryse: Son Of Rome [Preview Build - The Beginning]