Runespell: Overture Closed Beta begins on June 30th

Alongside Hellgate’s Open Beta, the Closed Beta of Runespell: Overture will begin on the very same day. As Mystic Box announced today, Runespell’s closed beta will begin on June 30th and will consist of two phases. Anyone who wants a peak of the closed beta, or even want to take part in it, can do so via the following thread.
During the first phase all Closed Beta sign ups will get access to the game in small batches day by day. As Mystic Box is a small Indie team, this will allow for a controlled start of the Beta.

In the second phase the most involved testers will be allowed access to an extended  preview version of the game(planned at July 10, 2011 onwards).

According to the press release, all saved games from the Beta will be transfered to full game.
Mystix Box will be releasing next week a new trailer including new game content, as well
as a Steamupdate on price and exact July release date.