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Rumor: AMD’s next-gen Ryzen 4000 “Vermeer” desktop processors to utilize TSMC’s new 5nm+ process node

According to a recent report from “DigiTimes“, coming via VideoCardz, there has been a change of plan in AMD’s roadmap.  Previously, AMD had plans to introduce the new upcoming “Vermeer” Zen3 desktop CPUs on the “7nm” EUV fabrication node from TSMC.  5nm was actually reserved for ZEN 4.

But this recent report from “DigiTimes” paints a totally different picture. Now, AMD is opting for the “5nm+” process node for its upcoming Vermeer lineup of desktop processors.

But even though DigiTimes has good industry inside sources at TSMC, AMD has made no “official” statement on this issue, so you should take this news with a huge grain of salt.

Because according to a recent update coming via “WhyCry @Videocardz”, the 5nm+ node could be used first for the Zen 3 “Mobile” chips instead (speculation).

” AMD CEO Lisa Su commented on the rumor during Bernstein’s “Annual Strategic Decision Conference”. She stated that new nodes usually start with mobile processors as these are easier to manufacture. She did not mention Zen3 when talking about 5nm node, but she did mention Zen4 a few times. Thus, the rumor could be referring to Zen3 mobile chips (rumored to be Cezanne, Renoir successor)” .

This is what “Digitimes” reported.

” Rumor has it that AMD and TSMC have adjusted their foundry blueprints. The Ryzen 4000 desktop processor series originally expected to launch at the end of 2020 will now use TSMC’s enhanced 5nm processor (5nm Plus) instead of 7nm EUV “.

We also don’t know yet whether the 5nm+ process node will be used for the server EPYC Milan lineup, or the consumer Ryzen series of desktop CPUs. The TSMC foundry began production of 5nm wafers this April 2020, with plans to enter mass production in Q4.  As per this Digitimes report, AMD is going to be the first customer to adopt the TSMC’s 5nm+ node nonetheless.

The Zen 3 CPU lineup was expected to be announced this Q3 (September/October timeframe), however, actual availability and launch date could be 2021. AMD might announce and launch the Ryzen 4000 “Vermeer” desktop CPUs around CES 2021.

By releasing 5nm+ CPUs in 2021, AMD would give a major blow to Intel nonetheless, who are still relying on the 10nm process node for its future lineup.

Thanks, RetiredEngineer, Videocardz