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Rumor: A new Knights of the Old Republic game might be happening

It looks like EA is going full on Star Wars after Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order being a success. According to a rumor, EA is working on several Star Wars games and one of them might be a new Knights of the Old Republic title.

The game could be a remake or a sequel and according to the source the project will integrate elements from the previous games in order to bring specific things into the current Star Wars canon.

The KOTOR titles were two of the best games EA ever published. They are among the very best Star Wars games I have personally ever played.

Actually I don’t think there are any other Star Wars RPG games. The first game was developed by Bioware and the second was developed by Obsidian, both developers did a tremendous job.

We do not have any information of who is working on the game but I doubt it’s Bioware or Respawn. Of course as always this is just a rumor and nothing is officially confirmed yet.

If any new information surfaces we will make sure to let you know.

Thanks Cinelinx.

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