DOOM Eternal will not have micro-transactions, new info about both classic and the new demons

Hugo Martin, game director of DOOM Eternal, has recently given an interview where he talked about the enemies of the upcoming game. Moreover, Martin has stated that the game will not feature any micro-transactions.

Martin claimed that id Software will offer a full fledged title and not a free to play game. Thus, players will pay a full price and get access to the whole game. Not only that, but players will only be able to unlock cosmetic items with the in-game XP. There won’t be any gameplay-related stuff that you can unlock.

From the looks of it, DOOM Eternal will feature more enemy demons compared to the previous game. As such, the Slayer will have a bigger array of demons to destroy.

Most of the demons from the original DOOM II are returning in DOOM Eternal. Pain Elemental is one them, which is similar to the Cacodemon. “What a name. And what a guy. Killing him is almost as bad as letting him live”. Description in the Doom II manual.

Arachnotron is another classic enemy, a moving turret, which looks similar to Spiderdemon, but smaller in size. “Maybe cybernetics wasn’t such a great idea after all. Look what the demons have done with it. It seems unfair somehow you’re not the only guy in Hell with a plasma gun”.

Some of the new demons are Whiplash, Marauder and the Doom Hunter. The last one looks like a hover tank capable of unleashing hellish pain. Thankfully the Slayer can attack his weakpoints and disable some of his equipment, but this will change the behavior of the Doom Hunter.

DOOM Eternal looks bloody awesome and it will be released on March 20th.

Below you can watch the full video interview.

Designing DOOM Eternal's New & Classic Demons

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