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RPCS3, the best Playstation 3 emulator, received huge rendering improvements

The team behind the best Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3, has announced some new and huge rendering improvements that it has implemented to its emulator. As the development team noted, kd-11 has re-written the Texture Instructions, allowing texture inputs to use the srgb colorspace (which basically fixed Bloom and Shadows in all Unreal Engine 3 titles).

Furthermore, kd-11 also rewrote ROP control which corrected gamma by implementing the srgb framebuffer output. Pauls-gh also fixed an issue where RPCS3 was reading 3D textures as 2D due to a typo. This fixed issues such as broken 3D cell shading on characters in Tales of Vesperia and the “Yellow Filter” issue. Moreover, pauls-gh also implemented texture_compression_vtc, a very rare extension that only exists on NVIDIA GPUs, resulting in fixed text in Tales of Vesperia.

As noted, these changes likely affect over a hundred games and the RPCS3 team will showcase improvements in many lesser-known games on its upcoming March Progress report.

Below you can find a video showing some of the improvements in popular games such as Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted, Dante’s Inferno, Silent Hill: Downpour, Drakengard 3, Asura’s Wrath and more.


RPCS3 - Huge Rendering Improvements (RDR, Uncharted, Yakuza, Skate 3, Ninja Gaiden Σ & more)