Rocksteady is working on a new PC patch for Batman: Arkham City

It seems that Rocksteady is currently working on a new PC patch for Batman: Arkham City, as Steam had accidentally released yesterday its preliminary version. So, if you were unlucky enough to try and play your game, you’d notice major game-breaking issues. Moreover, GFWL was not working properly with that preliminary patch and the game was – pretty much – unplayable. Naturally, Steam released a rollback update and the game is now back to its previous, stable state.
We currently don’t have any more information or details about this patch, but it’s pretty obvious that Rocksteady has not abandoned Batman: Arkham City’s PC version. Not yet at least. Let’s just hope that this new update will come with some PhysX optimizations as those effects are really bugged right now.
Stay tuned for more!