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Rockstar Support: “Cosmetic Mods Are Not A Bannable Offense”, Half-Life-Like Gravity Gun Mod Released

A couple of days ago, various reports surfaced suggesting that Rockstar Games was banning GTA V users that were using mods in their games. As you’d expect, a lot of PC gamers got angry about this whole thing. However, it appears that Rockstar allows and does not ban cosmetic mods.

As Rockstar Support told Manujango25 – kudos to NeoGAF’s member ‘comfypucks’ for sharing the image – cosmetic mods are not a bannable offense.

Do note however that a FOV mod may not be considered a mere ‘cosmetic’ mod. After all, by adjusting the FOV you get an advantage over other players.

In other news, modder ‘MatriZ’ has released an amazing mod that introduces a Half-Life-like gravity gun.

It looks cool, and those interested can download it from here.


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