Rocket Arena PC screenshots

Rocket Arena is free to play until August 3rd

Rocket Arena was officially released on July 15th. However, and only two weeks since its launch, the EA has launched a free to play weekend. Thus, the game is currently free to play on Steam. From today and until August 3rd, PC gamers can download and play this latest 3v3 multiplayer shooter.

Rocket Arena features 10 playable heroes, 100 levels of progression, 10 diverse maps, and 22 gameplay changing artifacts. It also comes with custom games, as well as social and ranked playlists. Furthermore, the game includes 4 competitive game modes, a cooperative mode, a training level and practice mode, daily and weekly challenges. Additionally, it packs dozens of cosmetic items that can be unlocked through in-game progression.

As the press release reads, Rocket Arena features several unique mechanics to amplify player experience. One of them is Blast Meter which tells players how far their opponents will fly as they attempt to knock them out of the arena.

Players are also never out of the action. Once KO’d, players fly back into the arena to survey the scene and return to the fight. Additionally, every hero in the game’s colorful lineup has their own distinctive personality, playstyle and signature rocket launcher, with a high skill ceiling that allows players to show off a variety of advanced movements like rocket jumping while sniping, dodging and firing combos.

You can download the game – and start playing it – from here.

Rocket Arena - Official Launch Trailer