Ridge Racer: Unbounded – PC Update Released; improvements & fixes to startup CTDs, bloom, invites

Bugbear and Namco have released a new PC update for their arcade racing game, Ridge Racer: Unbounded. This new update fixes the MP invitations that were reported a few days ago and improve the bloom effects in some stages. Unfortunately, there were not made major fixes or improvements to the controllers as – according to Bugbear’s Fred – most of the company’s developers are taking a few days off. You can view below the key features of this update which will be auto-downloaded next time you start the Steam client.
Ridge Racer: Unbounded PC Update Key Features:
-The editor saving have been fixed
-The overblooming on some systems have been fixed
-UnPNP have been disabled, a possible fix for crashing during connect
-A couple of mulitplayer fixes. More MP bugs will be fixed at a later patch