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Riders Republic releases on September 2nd, gets E3 2021 Gameplay Trailer

Ubisoft announced that Riders Republic will release on September 2nd, and shared its official E3 2021 gameplay trailer. Riders Republic is a new multiplayer extreme sports IP that reminds me of Steep.

Riders Republic will feature ski, snowboard, bike, and wingsuit challenges across an open world environment. Players will race in mass start events, develop their rider’s career, or kick back with friends and free roam the parks.

The game will be playable in PvP, co-op or solo modes. Moreover, it will have 50+ player races, as well as 50+ player events which randomly pop up on the map. Additionally, it will have 6×6 team PvP matchups.

Riders Republic will release on September 2nd.


Riders Republic: Official Deep Dive Trailer | #UbiForward | Ubisoft [NA]