Retro first person shooters, SUFFER and DUSK, are now available on Steam

Retro FPS fans, here are two games for you today. Anarchy Softworks and New Blood Interactive have announced that SUFFER and DUSK have been released on Steam. Moreover, SUFFER comes with a 10% discount until December 17th whereas DUSK comes with a 16% discount until December 17th.

SUFFER is a horror-punk shoot ’em up game with a distinctly 90’s vibe, complete with 2D sprite enemies and low-res textures. This is described as a ridiculous and challenging game about suicide and killing cops in a capitalist dystopia. SUFFER is said to be a game for those in need of a challenging first person experience, reminiscent of the tough-as-nails PC shooters of yesteryear.

On the other hand, DUSK reintroduces you to a world where butchery and bloodshed must be mastered if you’re to survive ’til dawn. Inspired by Doom, Quake, Blood, Heretic, Hexen, Half-Life, Redneck Rampage and all your ’90s favorites, while featuring a soundtrack by metal music mastermind Andrew Hulshult, DUSK features three distinct campaign episodes hand-crafted from straight outta the ’90s.

Enjoy their launch trailers below!