Respawn Entertainment Will Unveil First Details About Its Upcoming Project At This Year’s E3

A lot of rumors arose today about Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming title. According to Kotaku, the first game of the studio that has been formed by Jason West and Vince Zampella will be exclusive to the new Xbox and X360, and will be powered by the Source engine. Not only that, but according to Kotaku’s sources, this game will be always-online and will in fact be a futuristic multiplayer-centric online shooter. 
Respawn Entertainment decided to take a stand on this whole thing and – while it did not confirm or deny those rumors – stated that the first details of its project will be unveiled at this year’s E3.
This is really interesting. We’d expect to hear more about Respawn’s title in May 21st, as that is when the new Xbox console will be revealed. If Respawn’s title was exclusive to MS’ consoles, then one would expect to see more about it during X720’s event.
The fact that we’ll be getting the first details about Respawn’s title at this year’s E3 can mean two things; a) MS will simply reveal the exclusivity of this title during its May event and nothing more or b) Respawn’s project may actually be a multi-platform title.
The only clue we’ve got for Respawn’s title this whole time is the blurry image that can be viewed at the top. In other words, we got nothing so far.
Here is hoping that this new game from Respawn will hit all platforms!