Resident Evil’s mansion hall looks great in Unreal Engine 4, available for download right now

These past few months, 3D artist ‘B.O.W. Qin‘ has been working on a recreation of Resident Evil’s mansion hall in Unreal Engine 4. And a couple of days ago, the artist released his map to the public. Yeap, you can go ahead and explore Resident Evil’s mansion hall in Unreal Engine 4.

As always, keep in mind that this project was created by a single artist and not a whole team.

You can download this project from the following links:

MEGA Download link:!JpczkZQL  Downloadpassword?!HpMHmUtcxoQZWsom6mLtocq8clKZVbJ5mIrfvDrLMec

Download link: Download password?o4yo



Resident evil mansion unreal 4 trailer