Resident Evil 7 has sold 6.6 million copies, Devil May Cry 5 2.5 million, Resident Evil 2 Remake 4.5 million & more

Capcom has updated its “Platinum Titles” page, revealing some new sales figures about its latest titles. According to the Japanese company, Resident Evil 7 has sold 6.6 million copies to date, whereas Resident Evil 2 Remake has sold 4.5 million copies.

Devil May Cry 5, the latest game that Capcom released on current-gen platforms, has sold 2.5 million copies. This is obviously great news for DMC fans as the game was commercially successful, and we may see another part in the DMC series in the future.

Monster Hunter World is doing great as it has sold more than 13 million copies worldwide. My guess is that the game’s sales will see a significant boost with the release of Iceborne. Now while Iceborne will come out next month on consoles, its PC released was delayed until January 2020.

It’s also worth noting that Street Fighter 5 has sold more than 3.5 millon copies. Interestingly enough, this latest part in the Street Fighter series has now sold more than its predecessor, Street Fighter IV.

Last but not least, Resident Evil 4 HD has sold 1.5 million copies and Dead Rising 3 has sold 2.7 million copies.