Resident Evil 3

Rumour: Resident Evil 3 Remake is probably happening, targets a 2020 release

According to Youtuber Spawn Wave and several people that spoke with Video Game Chronicle, Resident Evil 3 will be releasing next year. Nothing is officially confirmed by Capcom yet, but after the huge success of Resident Evil 2 Remake, it makes sense.

Resident Evil 2 Remake is probably one of the best remakes ever made, if not the best and also a strong contender for the game of the year award. Still my favorite is the remake of the original from PS1. Hopefully Capcom will give us another Resident Evil of the same quality.

I can’t wait to crap my pants while the Nemesis is hunting me through the streets of Raccoon City. I hope they will keep the momentarily decisions you had too make back in the original. It was nerve racking and I loved it.

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is one of the best Resident Evil games ever made, so no pressure Capcom.

There is no official release date yet but we will make sure to let you know for any official announcements.

Thanks GamesRadar.