Resident Evil 2 Remake exceeded Capcom’s expectations, Devil May Cry 5 also performed strongly

Capcom has released the Fiscal Report for the Forth and Final Quarter of the Fiscal Year 2018/2019 that ended March 2019. During that final quarter, Resident Evil 2 Remake saw a great success and Devil May Cry 5 also performed well. Furthermore, Monster Hunter: World, which shook up the market last year, broke 12 million cumulative units shipped following the additional release of the PC version, marking a record high for any single title in the Company’s history.

As the press release reads, the popularity of major title Resident Evil 2 exceeded expectations, driving the Company’s business performance. Devil May Cry 5 targeted overseas markets and also performed strongly, backed by consistent demand. Additionally, the Monster Hunter series contributed significantly to improving profits: flagship title Monster Hunter: World, which was a phenomenal success in the previous fiscal year, maintained popularity through the expansion of its user base, while the Steam version for PC also performed solidly, boosting profits.

In addition, Mega Man 11 and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection performed well, and high-margin cataloge titles, including Resident Evil 7 biohazard, increased sales through their enduring popularity.

Moving forward, Capcom will strengthen digital download and catalog sales, with the aim of continuing to grow the Digital Contents business. Further, in response to the worldwide excitement surrounding esports, and the increased attention paid to them within the Japanese market, Capcom is redoubling its commitment to making this sector a priority area, and aims to grow the player base worldwide through running leagues that utilize Street Fighter.