Reset’s IndieGoGo Campaign Is Now Live


Theory Interactive has launched today the crowdfunding IndieGoGo campaign for Reset. The team aims to raise €65K in the next 43 days, and those interested can back it up by visiting its IndieGoGo page. Reset is described as a sci-fi noir, a mystery, a first person puzzle game that is infused with mind boggling puzzles, a grippingly haunting but beautiful story and an unparalleled immersive atmosphere.

Reset is a single player adventure. The unique game mechanic in Reset is the ability to travel back in time to solve puzzles co-operatively with yourself. You multiply yourself by first marking a place/time of re-entry in the game world and then proceeding to complete one part of a puzzle. You then reset (jump back in time) to the re-entry mark creating two separate co-existing timelines. But the mechanic is not limited to two timelines, more elaborate puzzles have multiple timelines for some serious mind fun.

Regarding the game’s story, Theory Interactive had this to say:

“Wandering around and exploring the mysterious game world is something that players will enjoy at their own pace so that is something that will affect the length possibly greatly, but we are looking at around 6 hours of brain teasing gameplay. Although the story is strongly tied to the puzzles, the island is littered with bits and pieces of information, that will deepen the experience. This game is meant to be played in a couple of sittings and leave you thinking about it hopefully for some time after that. It’s meant to be played, enjoyed and leave your brain tingling afterwards.”

The key features of Reset are:

-Unique single player co-op mechanic with 33 individual puzzles to solve
-Gorgeous 16 square km open world island to explore and get lost in
-Smart, haunting but beautiful storyline
-True next gen immersive PC experience enabled by in-house tech Praxis including:
*Physically based multilayered materials
*True HDR rendering
*Volumetric lighting
*Dynamic day and night cycles with accurate star positions
*Dynamic weather effects including highly realistic cloud simulation, rain and fog with varying density
*High quality multichannel audio

Enjoy and make sure to read our tech interview with Theory Interactive about Reset!

Reset Gameplay Teaser