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Report: Alan Wake’s Return Is Not A Video-Game After All

Last month, everyone got excited after Remedy registering a trademark for Alan Wake’s Return. Well, unfortunately we’ve got some bad news for you today. It appears that Alan Wake’s Return is not the video-game sequel to Alan Wake you’ve been waiting for.

As Kotaku reported, this trademark refers to an in-game video series and not a new video-game. In case you weren’t aware of, Remedy will include an Alan Wake easter egg in Quantum Break. This easter egg is what some websites reported a while back (about a video in Quantum Break showing Alan Wake).

Think of it as the TV series that appeared on both Max Payne and Alan Wake.

As Sam Lake told Kotaku:

“A big part of the trademarking process all in all is the legalities of it. Just making sure everything is covered.” When it comes to starting development on a game, “it’s a different process of making sure everything is locked down”.

So, no real news about anything future Alan Wake-related.”

And that is that everyone!