Remnants of Isolation – Traditional JRPG – Now Available on Steam

Publisher Degica has informed us about the release of Remnants of Isolation on Steam. Remnants of Isolation is priced at 9,99€, comes with a 20% discount until May 8th, and is described as a traditional JRPG which turns the idea of magic on its head.

“In a world where magic is a curse, a plague, and those who can use it are cast into a castle locked in another dimension, two young magic users will attempt to find freedom from within their towering prison.”

Remnants of Isolation features a unique spell fusion system that – according to its press release – makes combat dynamic, and allows for experimentation with a charging mana system that rewards tactical timing.

The Steam version also comes with a new backstory, and features multiple endings.


Remnants of Isolation Trailer