Remedy’s PR On Quantum Break’s Reconstruction Tech, Texture Streaming & Film Grain

Quantum Break is a game that disappointed a lot of fans. Naturally, PC gamers have been asking Remedy about the reconstruction tech and the artifacts that they’ve been experiencing, and Remedy’s PR head manager, Thomas Puha, answered some of those questions.

According to Thomas, Remedy added film grain in order to give the game a cinematic feel. And unfortunately, we may not get an option to disable it as the film grain was included as a stylistic choice.

Regarding the reconstruction tech, Thomas said that the ghosting that appears on screen is a result of it. And due to this tech, this issue will not be fixed as – according to Remedy – this is how its engine renders the scenes.

Moreover, Thomas claimed that a native 1080p support – without the reconstruction tech – would had a significant impact on the game’s performance.

Last but not least, some gamers noticed some texture streaming issues. According to reports, textures appear to be loading slowly in various occasions. And as Thomas acknowledged, this is due to the game’s engine.

Remedy claimed that it is currently looking into the game’s problems, so here is hoping that it will be able to fix most of them, add an option to disable/enable the reconstruction tech, and further optimize the PC version.