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Remedy is working on a new unannounced game, codenamed “BigFish”, will be on Epic Games Store

It appears that the codename for Remedy’s new game has been leaked online. Now while this does not tell us much, it’s something that may interest some of Remedy’s fans.

This information comes straight from Epic Games Store., a website that tracks newly added games and other metadata information on the Epic Game Store, has grabbed this information.

In case you weren’t aware of, Remedy will develop two games for Epic Games. The first one will be a triple-A next-gen game for consoles and PC, whereas the second one is a “smaller-scale” project. Moreover, both of these games will be using the Northlight Engine. And from the looks of it, one of Remedy’s unannounced games is codenamed BigFish.

Back in March, we informed you about a partnership deal between Epic Games and Remedy. As Epic Games announced back then, the company would publish new titles from Gen Design (creators of The Last Guardian) Playdead and Remedy Entertainment.

Since these are next-gen games, we can safely assume that both of them will be using real-time ray tracing. That’s merely an assumption at this point, however, Control showcased what the team can achieve with RTX. Thus, I’m almost certain that both of these games will take advantage of this tech.

Stay tuned for more!